What’s Your Hair’s Real Age?

Just as you age, your hair ages through a process of growth, loss and regrowth. The hair on your head is in constant differing states of this aging process.

However, if you are waiting long periods of time between trims and haircuts, your hair could be older than you think. As new growth pushes through your scalp, healthy and full of nutrients, the ends of your hair continues aging, taking on damage from everyday elements. If you aren’t getting regular trims, the damage in your aging ends could be hurting your hair.

As we noted earlier, hair is in a constant cycle of growth. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases, with all hairs going through the phases at different times. The first phase is the anagen phase. During the anagen phase, new hair growth occurs. This phase can last anywhere between two to eight years. Longer anagen phase rates produce longer hair growth. Approximately 85 percent of all hairs are in the growth phase at one time.

However, it is within this phase where your ends could be aging the most. As the new growth comes in at the scalp, the ends of the strands stay as they were, no longer getting the nutrients of help from the hair follicle. The longer your hair grows, the more the ends of your hair age. Depending on how long your growth rate and the ends could be several years older than the new growth. The ends of your hair could be suffering from damage from weather exposure, heat exposure and chemical exposure. The damaged ends can also wreak havoc on your new growth. Damaged ends can rip apart and split the ends of your hair, causing permanent, irreversible damage to your hair.

So what can you do to prevent the ends of your hair from aging?

To prevent the ends of your hair from aging, get your hair professionally trimmed regularly. Every six to eight weeks, schedule a trim with your hairstylist to remove split and broken ends. If it has been a while since your hair cut, a few inches may need to be cut off, but after that, your stylist should only have to remove the split ends by cutting just an inch.


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