Hair and Scalp Treatments

At Benote, we offer a wide variety of hair and scalp treatments. These are designed to give you a healthy scalp and luxurious, strong hair.


The foundation of healthy hair lies in a healthy scalp. Our dermabrasion treatment helps nourish and exfoliate the skin, improving the health of your scalp. This treatment uses deep exfoliation to dissolve the oils and buildup around the scalp. Through exfoliation, our dermabrasion treatment unclogs the follicles of your hair, making it easier to grow strong, healthy hair. Our scalp serum treatments work along these lines by nourishing and revitalising the scalp. This treatment restores health to your scalp, provides nourishment and promotes healthy hair.


For dry and damaged hair relief, we provide basic moisture treatment for your hair. This treatment restores moisture to thirsty, dry hair. Our basic moisture treatment will leave your hair feeling smooth, silky and healthy.


Our Fiberceutic treatment is a 2-step treatment designed by L’Oreal. This treatment helps strengthen and rebuild the hair fiber from the inside while protecting against further damage. It uses intra-cylane molecules which penetrate the hair fiber to recreate structure and strength in your hair from the inside-out. The Fiberceutic treatment will help your damaged hair regain its natural condition and leave you hair feeling firm, silky and healthy.




At Benote, we also offer the Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Treatment. This revolutionary treatment, designed by Paul Mitchell, will leave you with younger-looking, healthier hair. The highly concentrated blend of keratin proteins penetrate into your hair’s cortex, repairing and sealing the hair from the inside out. This 2-step treatment provides deep repairs to damaged hair and protects from future damage while delivering deep hydration and moisture to your hair.

KeraTriplex At Salon Treatment


Our L’Oreal Powerdose Treatments provide customized, prescriptive solutions for a multiple hair and scalp needs. The Powerdose treatment features core-to-surface technology to target all areas of your hair, providing instant deep-conditioning and intense shine. This treatment will leave your hair stronger, healthier, and more luxurious.

Loreal Series Expert Powerdose Color-500x500

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