Product Glossary: The Complete Guide to Beauty

Everyone can use a little Beauty 411 every once in a while.

Beauty High

beauty product glossary

As self-proclaimed beauty product junkies, we know a thing or two about the latest and greatest items to hit the beauty department. We test, we experiment, and we play around with some of the coolest breakthroughs in the business, and it’s only right that we share this knowledge with the world.

Whether you’ve been hearing about konjac sponges and can’t wait to figure out what they actually do, or you’re simply curious about the real difference between all of those makeup brushes you have in a drawer, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a beauty product glossary that will become your best friend while shopping the beauty aisle. With everything from finishing sprays to exfoliating powders, read on for some serious product education.

makeup productsAirbrush Foundation: Traditionally used by professional makeup artists, airbrush foundation has made its way to the at-home market in recent years. Packaged either in an aerosol…

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