“Not All Hair is Created Equal” – The Science of Hair Blog Series

Has anyone ever told you that you have good hair? Ever wondered what good hair is? Well here it is, a comparison of all things hair. Let talk about how straight, curly, wavy, fine, thin, coarse and damaged hair differ from each other.

Hair is different for many reasons. The three that are the most predominant factors in deciding what kind of hair you will have naturally are the follicle, chemical bonds made in the hair, and genetics. Each of these has a slightly different effect and contributes to the overall hair. The chemical bonds in hair can be changed to temporarily achieve a different look or type of hair, but any new growth will be in the original form, due to genetics and the follicle.

Straight hair has a straight follicle. The growth of the stem or hair strands is unimpeded and the follicle is thickest in this form. The follicle creates a circle which causes the oil glands in your scalp to release evenly distributed and natural oils throughout the hair. This is what gives straight hair its silky and shiny texture. It is also the reason why people with straight hair have to shampoo more often. The oil can build up resulting in a naturally greasy look and clumped together hair that is more sticky than silky.

Curly hair has a curved follicle which causes the natural curliness. The shape of the pore also affects this as it can be an oval or crescent shape which determines how curly your hair is. Loosely curly hair with an oval shape is the cause to curly hair that merges together to form bigger curls usually found in white people. The more wiry hair that doesn’t group together usually found in black people is caused by the thinner crescent shape, which results in more randomized patterns. Curly hair is usually found to be less silky and shiny due to the oil gland in the scalp not being able to distribute oil evenly through the hair, which is cause by the curve of the follicle, the less open glands and the hair itself getting in the way of spread. You will notice that people with loosely curled hair and tightly curled hair have widely different textures.

Wavy hair is produced by a mixture of the two. It is the result of a curved follicle with a circle shaped opening allowing the same curve and more oil to get to the hair, which helps in detangling and allowing the hair to grow longer than in the oval or crescent form. Those with tightly curled hair can achieve a wavy form by straightening the hair using various methods. This can result in styles like 360 waves for men or a finger wave in women.

Fine hair is a product of the number of follicles found in your head. At the age of about 22 weeks still in the womb, you will have developed all the follicles you will ever have in your life time. The more follicles you have in close succession to each other will determine if you have fine or thin hair. Hair is one of the only renewing sources on the human body that can grow cyclically, but there are only so many predetermined cycles for any one person. Once a follicle has reached the end of its cycle life, this is when hair begins to thin or people start to go bald. Coarse hair is produced when the hair isn’t getting enough moisture from your oil glands. It can be remedied with some consumer products found at your local store or salon. Damaged hair that is out of its natural state due to an occurrence. When silky hair becomes coarse it is damaged or when hair is dried too much in that case. This is most common when applying chemicals and heat to hair to change its natural state without proper care and precautions.

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